Paul Favret Briefly Discusses Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels are a great investment. They can provide affordable, renewable solar energy to the homeowner for decades. Paul Favret mentions that another great aspect of solar panel installation is that they require quite little maintenance effort. Rain can especially wash away any debris present on the panels if they are on a tilt. Typically, people need to perform solar panel cleaning around two to four times on an annual basis. Making use of a monitoring app can help people to keep a track of the amount of energy produced by their panels. The homeowners opt to clean the panels when they notice a dip in production.

Paul Favret gives a general overview of solar panel maintenance

The popularity of solar power installations has considerably increased in the last decade or so. It allows homeowners to reduce their energy bills, as well as their carbon footprint. The fact that solar panels need minimal maintenance is just an added advantage. Homeowners only have to clean the panels lightly at regular intervals, to make sure that leaves, dirt, dust, and debris are not obstructing the rays of the sun. The only time solar panels may require extensive maintenance is during periods of heavy snowfall. Inches of snow can hinder the performance of solar panels.

Having tilted solar panels can prove to be a great idea for homeowners. In such situations, rainfall shall actually clear away any debris that is accumulated on the panel. However, during extended periods without rainfall or during the dry season it is better to clean the panels manually.  It ideally is recommended that homeowners perform solar panel cleaning between two and four times every year. The cleaning process, in general, does not require much work or hassle. On just needs a leaf blower or a quick spray with a garden hose for the job. In winter, however, it is imperative to clean the solar panels after a heavy snowfall. If one is using water to clean the snow, they should make sure that the water is at least lukewarm. A squeegee with a long handle can also be used while cleaning. It is crucial to note that hot water must never be used to clean snow off the solar panels. The panels are made of tempered glass. Therefore, extreme temperature disparity between hot water and cold panels might crack them.

Ground solar panels are easier to access than rooftop solar panel installation. Therefore, the former is easier to clean as well. One can simply sweep off these panels with a soft-bristled broom, whenever they notice a buildup of snow or other debris on it.

Paul Favret stresses upon the fact that professionals should be hired in case the solar panels need to be repaired or replaced after getting damaged. While they are definitely sturdy, at times, harsh weather conditions can damage the solar panels. Homeowners must not attempt to or make repairs by themselves unless they are experienced with home solar panel systems.

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