Getting The Most From Your Cookies Container

Most of us would recognise a cookies container and its common uses. A straightforward jar usually constructed of glass or porcelain utilized for holding cookies, biscuits and other sorts of sweets. It is an indispensable part of any type of Christmas designs, and the sight of a cookie container full of fresh baked cookies can excite any person’s holiday spirit.

Stack your cookies

An important tactic for storing your cookies is the use of layering or stacking rather than simply shoving all of them together inside. By using parchment paper to layer them seperately, your cookies are kept fresh and are less likely to fall apart when filling the containers.

Keep flavours seperate

In addition to prevent damage to your cookies using parchment paper, this same action also prevents flavours from your cookies mixing with each other. In the worst case scenario, 2 uncompatible flavours would otherwise mix, thus spoiling the tastes of both types of cookies.

Keep icing cookies on their own

If your cookies are made with icing, position them in a solo level. This will maintain the icing where it belongs, above the cookies. If your cookies are intended to be crunchy, do not bother with using an impermeable container.

Use a ziplock bag

If you are utilizing an older model cookie container, the answer is quite basic. Simply place the cookies in a zip-style plastic bag, seal it up, and placed the pouch in the jar. Whenever you stretch in for a cookie, it’s a simple action to open the bag and shut it back up to maintain those cookies fresh. What’s even more, the plastic pouch can be scrunched (within reason) to suit practically any type of size cookie jar opening.

Buy from flea markets

If you look hard enough, you can pick up great quality cookies containers at relatively cheap prices from flea market. An additional benefit of collecting cookies containers is that there are so many in circulation. Enthusiasts can focus on one maker or style, or simply accumulate anything they like.

Beware of soft and moist cookies

Soft cookies, like delicious chocolate chip and peanut butter, are tougher to keep fresh due to the fact that they get their chewy appearance from the balance of moisture in the cookie. Delicious chocolate chip cookies have great deals of moisture in the core and much less on the edges – which is why their middles are soft and the edges are crispy. Chewy cookies become stale when they lose wetness to the surrounding air – eventually coming to be difficult and brittle.

Modern cookie containers, while not always as kitschy and over the top entertaining as a few of the older models, are most likely to have an internal seal. If you have one of those, just insert your cooled down cookies and see to it the seal is snugly shut.